Semalt Suggests 5 Google Tools for Building SEO Content

Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing are the processes which might find you using a tool or two from a source which is not known. People who love analytics and metrics might need a lot of information which is only available from paid tools. Fortunately, Google offers some tools which can suit your SEO needs. Some of these tools are features and tricks present on our daily search engine tasks, but we often fail to use them.

Ryan Johnson, the Senior Sales Manager from Semalt Digital Services, has carefully chosen Google tools to help your SEO campaign and internet marketing strategies proceed successfully:

1. Google Analytics.

This tool can be helpful in getting insight on the appropriate content to include in the future posts. It contains metrics that show you useful information for plans.

2. Google Autocomplete Feature.

This feature enables you to see some completed search suggestions whenever you are in the midst of typing something in the Google search bar. These ideas come from the search metrics of Google giving you other marketers tips that have previously been on a high search density. Making a long list of many auto-completed search suggestions creates spinnable content that can bring high ranking website information.

3. Google Search Console.

This tool can help you monitor and improve your ranking in the search results of particular keywords. For instance, individuals can go to "Search Analytics". This menu is in the Search Console dashboard and enables one view the clicks, click through rate, impressions, and average search position for up to 999 keywords that relate to your website.

4. Going to the Google's "Searches Related To" Section.

This section can be your next key to success. This area is at the bottom of the Google search page. It contains items and queries in an elongated form. These ideas can be your next blogging ideas or titles of your posts. For instance, when you search "dog food", this area can have statements like "best dog food for skin allergies". Making a long list of these ideas can make a blog that is authoritative in that particular niche.

5. Google AdWords.

If keywords have a high search density on Google, there is not much need of spending money on a different SEO deal. Persons running paid search ads can access this from the keywords tab in their Google Analytics campaign. Here, one can find the actual search queries to invest money. Google AdWords has a keywords search feature that is one of the best and most reliable.


People carrying out Search Engine Optimization may require using a tool or more. Countless tools are emerging from different sources which promise to deliver but at times scam individuals and fail to help. However, Google has some tools which any person doing SEO and internet marketing can use. Some of these tools exist as services present in our search engines but often go ignored. From the tools, recommended by Semalt, it is clear that numerous SEO tasks such as keyword search, Google bots and crawlers are possible using tools provided by Google. As a result, the need for going for funny unproven tools is not there.

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